10 Aug

With all this crap running around in my head, I can’t ignore the fact that I am coming into an age when my hormones will change. I’m not yet forty. Still I have to ask, how much of this change is just from my plumbing wearing out. Afterall, perimenopause, “the transition”, can start in the thirties.

So, really the question is or the questions are how do I know? How long do I deal with it? When can I start buying red hats?

Then the scary part, what if it isn’t The Transition? How do I get people to take me seriously instead of judging me by my age? It’s like the episode from Everybody Loves Raymond when Ray buys Debra OTC pills for her PMS and she basically says you think PILLS for PMS are going to fix you being an idiot?

Find the truth, don’t just assume it’s my hormones.


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